Sunday, May 20, 2012

Melton Bakery

Walking past the Melton Bakery I noticed some ok-looking Vanilla Slices so in the name of research I bought one.  I must say it is not one of the best I have had.  The pastry was dense, biscuit-like and brown in colour and the icing was very unusual being a very soft/creamy glaze. 
This slice's rating is :-
  • Icing - 4 
  • Custard - 6 (I don't think I have ever had a custard I don't like)
  • Pastry -5 (just passable yet very unusual)
  • Appearance - 6.5 (I don't think I would ever try a VS which didn't look appetising) 
  • Overall rating - 6

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Riddells Creek Bakery

Riddells Creek is a lovely, unspoilt country town in the Shire of Macedon Ranges.  It reminds me of the township of Bright before it became too popular.

The Bakery is located on the main street with the choice of many scrumptious alternatives to the humble Vanilla Slice (yes, I admit I was tempted to get something other than the Slice but decided I can do then when I revisit Riddells).

I think I am on a roll here, because I have had two lovely Slices in a row.  

This slice's rating is :-
  • Icing - 8.5 (not too sticky nor dry)
  • Custard - 8 (fresh with a smooth texture)
  • Pastry - 8.5 (lovely crisp pastry which was easy to chew [nothing worse than soggy VS pastry])
  • Appearance - 9
  • Overall rating - 8.5

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lill's Slice

The first Vanilla Slice I would like to critique is a home cooked vanilla slice from Lill, an ex-neighbour. After mentioning to John (her husband) I was starting up a Vanilla Slice blog, he said his wife made some that day and he kindly dropped a slab of Vanilla Slice around a couple of days later.

This was a scrumptious slice, with the rating as follows :-
Icing - 0
Custard - 8 (fresh tasting with a creamy texture)
Pastry - 8 (divine sweet pastry)
Appearance - 7
Overall rating - 8.

Contact Details - I am sorry but I am unable, for obvious reasons, to provide contact details; you will just have to take my word for it that this was a very palatable slice.


Welcome to my new blog on Vanilla Slices.  My intention is to try as many Vanilla Slices as humanly possible and rate them based on the following :-
  • icing;
  • custard;
  • pastry;
  • appearance; and
  • overall taste.
What entails a perfect Vanilla Slice.  Well it is an individual taste but for me freshness is a must.  The icing must not be too sticky but not crumbly.  The custard must be JUST RIGHT in texture - light and fluffy and not  "gluggy".  Appearance does matter with Vanilla Slices and it must be neatly cut and presented.